350mm cable ties are utilised in a broad variety of industries.

350mm cable ties are utilised in a broad variety of industries.


350mm cable ties are put to work in multiple industries.

One of the most common cable ties is the 350mm cable tie. This size is perfect for small to medium-sized cables and can hold up to 18 to 30 lbs of weight. The 350mm cable tie is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and can secure wires, cables, etc. Things to search for when buying 350mm cable tie are actually heat resistance and strength of tensile.

Choose the Right 350mm Cable Ties for Your Needs.

  • Also, 350mm cable ties are used for packaging in industries such as manufacturing.
  • 350mm Cable ties are essential to the construction industry because they keep equipment secure and pipes bundled together, offering support and stability as well as promoting a safe working environment.
  • Side range of benefits are available to companies wishing to improve the packing processes with 350mm cable ties.
  • 350mm Cable ties are a flexible packaging solution with multiple advantages to businesses of any size.

350mm Cable Ties

There are multiple varieties of cable ties available to meet different requirements and applications. The most common choice is 350mm nylon cable tie because of their standing for durability as well as flexibility. They are easily suitable for a variety of tasks because they are available in a range of sizes and strengths.

350mm Cable ties are mostly utilized for fastening cables, wires, and other items together in an orderly and efficient manner. They are a well-liked option for professionals and people who like to do due to their simple and useful design.

Choose the Right 350mm Cable Ties for Your Needs

  1. 350mm cable ties are used for fixing decorations, banners, and lighting fixtures. These ties’ strong grip offers a quick and easy fixing for temporary installations.
  2. The benefits of using 350mm cable ties stretch beyond just securing wires; they offer efficiency, flexibility, durability, and easy access of use in a variety of industries. These ties are generally made of a flexible nylon strip with teeth on one end and an adjustable component that locks the tie in place when looped around items.
  3. These heavy-duty ties are resistant to the extreme heat and vibrations faced in engine compartments. This guarantees that critical components stay in place and work properly without risk of damage.


In every industry, from construction to automotive, electrical, and beyond, having a reliable set of tools is crucial. Among these tools, 350mm cable tie stand out as versatile and essential. These long-lasting nylon or stainless steel ties offer durability and strength for various applications.

Whether you need to organize cables, secure equipment during transport, or fasten objects together securely, 350mm cable tie are your go-to solution. Their flexibility allows for easy adjustments and ensures a tight hold on items of all sizes.

By choosing the right size and strength for your specific needs, you can streamline your operations and improve safety standards in the workplace. Properly using and maintaining these cable ties will extend their lifespan and maximize their efficiency.